Considering Selling Your Law Firm?

If you are exploring options for your firm’s continuation through any of the selling structures now is the time to start.
Give yourself and your firm time to find the right path and right successor by getting started today.


Whether you’re an individual attorney looking for your retirement or other succession strategy or a law firm searching for strategic merger for your continuation plans selling a law firm can be the right option for you. Often, when an attorney considers retirement or exit planning they start to see it as a time to slow down their practice or stop practicing law – Wrong! Your personal timeline for practicing law is for you to decide, but the key is to find the right successor, the right buyer for your firm ownership in the meantime. You have built something that has value and you should benefit from it.

Selling a law firm can allow you or your firm to:

  • Monetize the Value of Your Law Practice
  • Spend Time with Your Family & Enjoy Retirement on Your Schedule
  • Find a Successor for Your Practice
  • Continued Legal Care for Your Clients & Community
  • Take Control of Your Professional Transition Timeline
  • Develop a Law Firm Continuity Plan


Selling a law firm is different than selling other businesses. The Law Practice Exchange has developed the market leading process to not only making selling successful, but also to help you as the seller take the right steps along the way to achieve your goals. Buying and selling of a law firm is a transition-based sale where the selling-attorney(s) typically stay on after closing for a period of time to help ensure the relationships and personal value they have are also transferred to you as a buyer. As such, the financials of the deal are important, but the other aspects regarding transition planning are sometimes even more important.

Key considerations in Selling a Law Firm:

  • Evaluating your needs, wants and ideal timeline
  • How to find the right buyer or successor match for you, your firm and your clients?
  • How do you value a law firm?
  • Payment structure terms and funding of the purchase
  • Due diligence items you should know and plan for
  • Developing the right Transition Plan for you after the sale is done

We help our sellers not only find the right buyer, but also to take the right steps along the way to make it a success.


The Law Practice Exchange has a proven process for helping buyers find the right match for them. If you
are ready to Get Started in your search or want to learn more than we are here to help you.