• Should I buy a law practice?
  • Is now the time to buy?
  • Are you financially able to buy an existing practice?
  • How does it all work?
  • Where do I start? We have the answers to all your questions.


If you’re selling your practice because of an approaching retirement or a career or lifestyle change, we can help you find the perfect buyer to put your existing clients and staff at ease.

  • Should I sell my law practice?

Valuing Your Practice

Unsure about the numbers? Get the most value out of your practice by working with an LPE professional.

  • Does a law practice really have value after an owner leaves?
  • Common valuation methods
  • What’s your number?

How It Works

Our efficient process ensures that you achieve your exit objectives through smooth and professional transition process.

  • Set Your Objectives
  • Where to Start
  • When to Start
  • What to expect in the process

Preserving and promoting continued client service & value through transitions.

We help attorneys grow through acquisition & merger as well as provide exit options for obtaining
value from their practice or firm.

Thank You For Your Trust & Support

If you are interested in how The Law Practice Exchange may be able to assist you or you just want to know more about us, our process or services offered then ​feel free to send us an email at info@TheLawPracticeExchange.com, call us at (919) 789-1931 or complete the web form below and we will reach out to have a confidential and no commitment conversation. Thank you.

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