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Marketplace Listing

List yourself—the easiest way to get started.

  • Quick and easy registration
  • Create your own listing
  • Receive updates about interested buyers
  • Access to thousands of buyers and visitors to through our database
  • Confidentiality agreement signatures
  • Access to the Sellers Academy
  • Fixed monthly fee

LpE Brokered Sale

Full service level—engaging LPE as a broker.

  • LPE sales and marketing team creates your customized and targeted listing
  • Valuation and pricing of your firm
  • Deal structuring and closing management
  • Help with buyer prospects
  • Full access to Sellers Academy
  • Custom quote

Our Selling Process

Our process starts with you. Your individual attorney-owner’s needs, goals, desired timeline, and other considerations will drive our process through to the end.

Here are some things to consider early on if you are considering selling your law firm:

  • How long do you want to work?
  • Who would be an ideal successor-buyer?
  • How long will it take to transition your clients and referrals?
  • What financial needs do you have for retirement?
  • Is price, the buyer or something else the most important factor for you in selling?
  • Imagine what a successful sale looks like for you, your firm, your clients and your team.
  • The Law Practice Exchange will work with you to help answer these and other questions or planning goals from the start to keep focus on making sure success is achieved at the end.
The Selling Process infographic

Ready to Sell?

Explore and compare your options—Marketplace Listing or Brokered Sale—to see which is the best option for you.

What Are My Selling Options?

MARKETPLACE LISTING. List yourself—the easiest and fastest way to get into the marketplace.

If your timeline is shorter or you are unsure of the market potential for your firm thisThe is the easiest way to gauge interest in your law firm opportunity. Just create an account, choose an advertising plan and then create your specific law firm Listing to add it to The Marketplace. Fee is limited to your advertising plan chosen.


LPE BROKERED SALE. Full service level – engaging LPE as your broker.

For the more established firm or one looking for the full LPE Team advisory experience to help you achieve the most from your law firm sale. LPE team will work with you throughout the entire process of discovery, market and closing. Our team will be there to perform full valuation, pricing, marketing, negotiations, transition and closing coordination while actively searching, promoting and finding the right buyer for you. Upfront fee for discovery and market prep plus LPE’s Success Fee upon achieving desired sale.


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Working with The Law Practice Exchange

Our goal is to help you determine the best selling process for you. For many firms, listing yourself is the ideal way to go. If your revenue is under $1M/year, this is the most economical way to sell your firm.  For other firms with more established revenues, firm business operations and systems, multiple offices or a larger brand the deals are typically more complex and additional brokerage and advisory helps achieve the right results for you and your firm. Our goal in either scenario is to guide you with our experience selling dozens of law firms, to be a resource and provide outside resources you may need, and ultimately to help you choose the best buyer match for you and your firm.

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