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Built for lawyers by lawyers with a nationwide service platform and team. Let the leaders in law firm sales and succession strategies assist you and your firm.


For many years in his practice, Tom Lenfestey, an attorney and CPA worked with professional businesses by assisting them in ownership transfer and succession strategies. As an attorney and partner in a law firm himself he realized that most lawyers or law firms didn’t have a plan for transitioning lawyers and the practice ownership they hold when that lawyer is ready to walk away.

Additionally, very little knowledge was available to the law firm owners on the options available for ownership transfer, especially when it came to sale of that ownership through internal or outside sale methods. To Tom, this lack of knowledge was hurting lawyers and law firms as compared to other professions who had abundant transfer resources available to help them through planning for retirement, sale or succession of their law practices.

The Law Practice Exchange was created to answer those questions and provide the services needed to promote and help implement ownership transition strategies for lawyers. The Law Practice Exchange has become the national leader in law practice sales and helping attorneys and law firms implement their succession plans.

Hear from our clients and their success stories of working with The Law Practice Exchange.


First, we see ourselves as a resource for the how-to of lawyer and law firm ownership transition planning. Second, we are consultants and practice brokers to provide the knowledge and services needed for lawyers to implement their desired exit strategy. Whether it is internal transfer and succession to the next generation within the firm or a confidential marketplace search approach to find a firm or individual attorney buyer, we provide the expertise and work to achieve those goals.

  • Marketplace selling of law firms
  • Internal sales and succession planning

If you are an attorney with unanswered questions on what to do to plan for your professional transition or a lawyer or law firm looking for your law practice internal succession plan or exit path The Law Practice Exchange can help. The Law Practice Exchange serves as your confidential law practice broker or transition advisor in developing a plan that works for you, your firm and your successors in order to see it through to implementation.

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