The Law Practice Exchange, LLC is a modern day marketplace for law practices.



The Law Practice Exchange serves attorneys as their confidential law practice broker. By making the connection between attorneys looking to exit their practice and attorneys looking to expand their practice, The Law Practice Exchange provides broker and transition services that preserve the client and professional goodwill of the practice, allowing a value based exchange between the selling and buying attorneys.

The legal profession continues to change and with that change comes new challenges as well as new opportunities. The Law Practice Exchange, LLC can help you address both. We will help you learn the basics about the law practice marketplace, how it works and the resources available. Putting the right team of advisors in place is one of the most important first steps. The buying or selling of law practices isn’t new, but the approach and competitive marketplace is setting new benchmarks for transition success stories.

The Law Practice Exchange aims to educate on the existence of transition opportunities to promote knowledge, increase mentor opportunities and bring awareness to practitioners on growth and exit strategies available through buying, selling, merging or other transition options that are presently available and which option may be best.

What We Do:

  • Preserve Client Goodwill
  • Provide Exit Strategies & Retirement Options          
  • Promote Mentorship
  • Provide Alternative Growth Options                      
  • Serve Clients Continuously
  • Prepare Practices for Change and Transition   
  • Offer Succession Strategies
  • Search for Potential Buyers Confidently and Confidentially


If you are interested in how The Law Practice Exchange may be able to assist you or you just want to know more about us, our process or services offered then ​feel free to send us an email at info@TheLawPracticeExchange.com, call us at (919) 789-1931 or complete the web form below and we will reach out to have a confidential and no commitment conversation. Thank you.

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