Marketplace Listing

LPE Marketplace Seller

The easiest way to gauge interest in your law firm opportunity or maximize a shorter timeline for selling. Just create an account, choose an advertising plan and then create your specific law firm Listing to add it to The Marketplace. Fee is limited to your advertising plan chosen. 

Benefits of the Marketplace Seller

Adding Your Listing

  • Quick and easy registration
  • Create your own Listing (or ask our marketing experts to for an add-on fee)
  • Receive updates on interested Buyer(s)

Marketing Your Listing

  • Access to thousands of database buyers and visitors to

Buyer Prospects

  • Direct introduction to interested buyer prospects

Seller’s Academy Resources

  • Subscription to Seller’s Academy newsletters
  • Access to online webinars and video resources to help guide you in the process
  • LPE Trusted Partners access

Additional Services & Benefits

  • LPE Confidential Listing Preparation -ADD-ON
  • Law Firm Valuation/Pricing – ADD-ON
  • Specific Deal Terms Structuring – ADD-ON
  • Funding/financing coordination – ADD-ON
  • Negotiation – ADD-ON
  • Seller-Buyer Transition Plan Creation – ADD-ON
  • Closing Process Coordination – ADD-ON

Not sure which is right for you – Marketplace Listing or LPE Brokered Sale?