Buying a Law Firm

How Acquisition Can Fuel Your Law Firm Growth

Established, successful law firms with proven revenues and client bases are a potentially game-changing growth opportunity. We can help you find the right firm for you.

Whether you are looking for immediate ownership or searching for strategic growth, buying a law firm can be faster than spending unnecessary time and money on marketing efforts with uncertain return on investment. Buying a law firm is a proven model for success.

Benefits of Buying a Law Firm​

  • Acquire immediate revenues & profits
  • Expand law firm locations and practice areas
  • Add key lawyers or law firm brands to your firm
  • Acquire client relationships that provide value for years into the future
  • Take your firm to the next level of growth
  • Immediate law firm ownership to set your plans in motion

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Buying a Law Firm the Right Way

Buying a law firm is different than buying other businesses. The Law Practice Exchange has developed the market leading process to make buying successful by helping you take the right steps along the way to achieve your goals. 

Buying a law firm is a transition-based sale where the seller typically stays on after closing for a period of time to help ensure the relationships and personal value they have are also transferred to the buyer. As such, the financials of the deal are important, but transition planning is sometimes even more important.

Key steps in buying a law firm:

  • Evaluating your needs, wants and ideal timeline
  • Determining how to find the right firm match for you, your firm and your clients
  • Valuing potential law firms
  • Structuring payment terms and funding
  • Due diligence items you should know and plan for
  • Transition planning for you after the sale is completed

We help our buyers not only find the firm to buy, but also to take the right steps along the way to make it a success.

Our Buying Process

Our process starts with you. Your individual needs, goals, desired timeline, and other considerations will drive our process through to the end.

  • Complete our intake form as a buyer.
  • Provide your contact information and search requirements.
  • Sign a confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement in order to protect the identity of the selling firm from being disclosed publicly.
  • Agree to our buyer terms regarding our success fee upon a successful deal being achieved and approved by you.
  • Explore listings and opportunities and let us know which may interest you.
  • We will assist on next steps and/or connect you directly with sellers.
The Buying Process infographic

Working with The Law Practice Exchange

Our goal is to be your guide through the buying process. Whether this is your first time buying a law firm or not, our goal is to guide you with our experience buying and selling dozens of law firms, to be a resource and provide outside resources you may need, and ultimately to help you choose the best match for you and your firm.

We will help with:

  • Maintaining confidentiality
  • Initial firm financial & operational discovery
  • Law firm valuation, pricing, and payment terms
  • Projected cash flow analysis for return on investment decisions
  • Negotiations between you and the seller
  • Process and timing accountability to keep things moving forward
  • Templates, checklists and other guides for each step of the selling process
  • Trusted outside resources for banking, accounting, other consulting, etc.
  • Transition plan development

Ready to Buy?

Browse our law firm listings or get started by filling out our intake form and we will help you find a great law firm fit.