Buying a Law Firm

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Marketplace Buyer

The easiest way to explore buying a law firm.

  • Search our listings—nationwide listings, added weekly
  • Quick and easy registration
  • Receive updates on new listings
  • Access to the Buyers Academy, including newsletters and webinars to guide you in the process
  • Additional add-on services as needed
  • Free access + 2.5% if a law firm listed on our site is purchased

LPE Preferred Buyer

The easiest way to explore buying a law firm.

  • Discovery call with sales teams to understand your specific criteria and acquisition goals
  • LPE actively searches for law firms based on your requirements
  • Direct confidential targeting of specific known firms
  • Full access to all resources
  • Monthly plans starting at $500 + 2.5% if a deal is closed.
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Ready to Buy?

Buying a law firm is different from buying other businesses. The Law Practice Exchange has developed the market leading process to make buying successful by helping you take the right steps along the way to achieve your goals. Explore and compare your options—Marketplace Buyer or Preferred Buyer—to see which is the best option for you.

How Acquisition Can Fuel Your Law Firm Growth

Established, successful law firms with proven revenues and client bases are a potentially game-changing growth opportunity. We can help you find the right firm for you. Whether you are looking for immediate ownership or searching for strategic growth, buying a law firm can be faster than spending unnecessary time and money on marketing efforts with uncertain return on investment. Buying a law firm is a proven model for success.

Benefits of Buying a Law Firm​

  • Acquire immediate revenues & profits
  • Expand law firm locations and practice areas
  • Add key lawyers or law firm brands to your firm
  • Acquire client relationships that provide value for years into the future
  • Take your firm to the next level of growth
  • Immediate law firm ownership to set your plans in motion

What Are My Buying Options?


The easiest way to start exploring the potential for buying a law firm with Resources to help you along the way as part of the Buyers Academy. Just create an account, tell us a little about what you are looking for and then explore Listings that may interest you. There is no fee unless you actually achieve a deal and then a 2.5% fee is due.



For the more experienced buyer or one looking to expand your market reach for potential purchases the LPE team can help you close more opportunities. Our sales team will actively search and find the right opportunities in the market to help your growth plan. Monthly plans starting as low as $500 per month. No other fees unless you actually achieve a deal then a 2.5% fee is due.