Brokered Sale

LPE Brokered Sale

For the more established firm, or one looking for the full LPE Team advisory experience to help you achieve the most from your law firm sale. Upfront fee for valuation and pre-market analysis plus a success fee paid to LPE upon achieving desired sale.

Benefits of the LPE Brokered Sale

Full Brokerage & Advisory

  • Discovery, Marketing and Closing full services by LPE teamQuick and easy registration
  • Creation of Listing and all other marketing materials Listing
  • LPE full market preparation and analysisReceive updates on interested Buyer(s)
  • Valuation & Pricing review and approval before market
  • Active and continuous promotion, direct search and pursuit of buyers
  • Prequalification and filtering of buyers before discussions
  • Assisting throughout discussions, negotiations, offer acceptance and diligence
  • LPE expertise at your service every step of the way

Marketing Your Listing

  • LPE Discovery Process to learn about your firm, financials and develop sales strategy
  • Confidential Sales Materials for Buyer analysis
  • Access to thousands of database Buyers and visitors to
  • Buyer search strategy developed and deployed
  • LPE team actively contacts and searches for potential buyer targets
  • Direct confidential targeting of specific known firms
  • Promotion through social media, newsletters and database communications for “wanted firms”
  • LPE network and database reach

Buyer Prospects

  • Confidentiality agreement signatures
  • Buyer prospect review and qualification
  • Buyer discussions and review assistance
  • Coordinating lending and financing qualification
  • Ongoing check-ins and assistance to move buyers through the buying process

Deal Structuring & Closing Management

  • Offer structure, advising and providing guidance on offer to seller and buyer
  • Due diligence checklists and coordinating process with buyer
  • Transition plan between seller-buyer development
  • Closing process and timeline management

Seller’s Academy Resources

  • Addition to Seller’s Academy newsletters
  • Selling Process Checklist
  • Seller Transition Plan Checklist
  • Due Diligence Checklist
  • Closing Checklist
  • Access to online webinars and video resources to help guide you in the process
  • Full video resource library access
  • LPE Trusted Partners access

Additional Services & Benefits

  • All Included

Not sure which is right for you – Marketplace Listing or LPE Brokered Sale?