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How did the client transition go?

Worried about client transition?
Sometimes attorneys worry about how the clients will accept the new owner.

What made you contact The Law Practice Exchange?

What’s your plan?
Most attorneys haven’t considered selling their law firm as an option for exit, but maybe they should…

What were your results?

Can you really find me a buyer for my firm?
The best thing about our marketplace approach is we can not just bring you one option, but instead we can bring you the best option for your successor.

Why choose The Law Practice Exchange?

Wondering if LPE is the right choice?
We pride ourselves on being the leader in successfullaw firm sales and succession.

Estate & Corporate,


The efforts of The Law Practice Exchange is appreciated with this sale. I continue to engage in the practice of law [as part of the transition] and have been able to conduct a large portion of my work remotely.

The transition was smooth, the clients were glad to know their new advocate was enthusiastic and ready to help them and the practice never skipped a beat.

Erik, LPE


Bankruptcy Firm


Amanda and Tom introduced me to a buyer I would have never met otherwise. Throughout the process, they were available, helpful, and experienced in keeping us on track toward closing. The entire process went better than expected, and I have Amanda and Tom to thank for that.

The buyer that you brought me could not have worked out anymore perfectly than it has

George, LPE




Less than six months after listing, LPE introduced me to the attorney who would buy my practice. Tom spent a good deal of time explaining the valuation to the buyer and assisted me in negotiating a fair price and terms. I highly recommend the LPE.

LPE had me in contact with a number of screened, qualified buyers. This first offer was just not right, and Tom was the one who advised me that it was time to move on. I was impressed because he put my interests above his financial interest



Real Estate


This sale freed up a lot of time to go travel, visit grandkids and do the things I have wanted to do for several years.

The past months have been very difficult for my family due to health concerns, caregiving and loss of a loved one. I have been grateful to have sold my practice when I did, otherwise the obligations of running my firm during this time would have been a tremendous burden I’m not sure I could have handled.

Tax & Business


Rich, Personal Injury


The Law Practice Exchange knocked it out of the park as far as I am concerned.

Now approaching retirement, the time was right to take it to the next level. The time I invested in doing so resulted in a deep dive into my practice, and I came away with a detailed analysis of my practice’s value, strengths and weaknesses.

LPE Workshop Attendee


Workers Compensation


Although I had discussions with a few places that sell law practices, none went into the details of the process with me as Tom and Amanda did.

Thanks so much to both of you. Excellent work! I would have never thought a year ago that we would have been able to accomplish this. I know we have transition ahead, but we could not be more pleased.

Personal Injury




I had been looking into transitioning into retirement but had no idea how to start. Tom’s presentation was an eye opener! He explained that my law practice had a value based on my established reputation and pipeline of new business and could be sold.

Thank you again for all of your help. I didn’t think it was possible to get money for our practice and you proved me wrong!”

Residential Real Estate

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