The Buying Process


Natural Marketing – This is one client at a time. Maybe you are actively networking, have great SEO or marketing funnels, are members of associations or receive great referrals from other lawyers. These are typically a bit inconsistent and the success can vary.

Add Services or Increase Your Rates – You can always add additional practice areas to your clients or potentials and of course, you can always increase your rates which help drive revenues (hopefully without driving clients away). These take time and are risky if the market doesn’t respond right.

BUY A LAW PRACTICE! – You can buy a law firm that someone else has built with proven client relationships, dependable revenues, existing marketing success, trained staff and overall consistent and immediate income. Buying a law firm is paying now for a proven model as compared to paying over time for things you hope will work to drive firm growth.

The Law Practice Exchange has the attorneys and firms that may be a great match for you and your goals.
On top of that our process and knowledge are there to help you every step of the way.
Don’t see a firm listed that meets your needs? Contact us We have firms that aren’t in the active market or may be coming to the market soon that may be the right opportunity for you.

How LPE Helps

The Law Practice Exchange’s goal is to be your guide through the buying process. Not everyone or every firm has purchased or added an attorney or a firm before so our goal is to help guide you forward, to be a resource, to provide outside resources you may need and ultimately to help you choose the best match for you or your firm for purchase. Some of these items we will help you with are:

  • Maintaining Confidentiality
  • Initial Firm Financial & Operational Discovery
  • Law Firm Valuation, Pricing and Payment Terms
  • Projected Cash Flow Analysis for Return on Investment Decisions
  • Negotiations Between You and Selling Attorney(s)
  • Process and Timing Accountability to Keep Things Moving as Desired
  • Templates, Checklists and Other Guides for Each Step of Process
  • Trusted Outside Resources Needed (Banking, CPA, Consultants, etc)
  • Transition Plan Development
The Law Practice Exchange was built for lawyers, by lawyers. We provide how-to guide,
and other valuable articles that help you at every step of buying a law firm.