Preferred Buyer

LPE Preferred Buyer

For the more experienced buyer, or the one looking to expand your reach for potential purchases. If you need help closing more opportunities our sales team can help actively search and find the right opportunities in the market to achieve your growth plan. Monthly plans starting as low as $2,500 per month. No other fees unless you actually achieve a deal then a 2.5% success fee is due.

Benefits of the LPE Preferred Buyer

Search for the Right Opportunity

  • Quick and easy registration
  • Search and access all Listing(s) on
  • Receive updates on new Listing(s)
  • 1st notice of new market listings or private /non-public listing opportunities
  • Discovery Call with Sales Team to understand your specific criteria and acquisition goals
  • Search strategy developed and deployed
  • LPE team actively contacts and searches for non-marketplace opportunities
  • Direct confidential targeting of specific known firms
  • Inclusion in social media, newsletters and database communications for “wanted firms”
  • LPE network and database reach

Access to the Buyers Academy Resources

  • Addition to Buyer’s Academy newsletters
  • Buying Process Checklist
  • Seller Transition Plan Checklist
  • Due Diligence Checklist
  • Closing Checklist
  • Access to online webinars and video resources to help guide you in the process
  • Full video resource library access
  • LPE Trusted Partners access
  • LPE Deal Structuring Call to discuss potential opportunity
  • LPE Team Call to help in “Creating Your Buyer Process”

Add-On Additional Services & Benefits as Needed

  • Law Firm Valuation/Pricing
  • Specific Deal Terms Structuring
  • Funding/financing coordination
  • Negotiation
  • Seller-Buyer Transition Plan Creation
  • Closing Process Coordination

Monthly plans starting at $2,500.

Not sure which is right for you – the Marketplace Buyer or LPE Preferred Buyer?