5 Ways You Can Exit Your Law Practice

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5 Ways You Can Sell Your Law Practice.

So you’ve decided to plan for exit and sale of your law practice? Congratulations! Great first step. Now what? Now, you must go forward and choose the best exit strategy for you and your practice.

Consider these options noted below as a starting place.

Then get your key advisors, do some goal setting and choose the best path for you.

  1. Selling to an internal candidate. Even if you don’t have someone within the firm at present the idea of hiring or recruiting your successor should always be considered. Internal sales tend to be smoother and can be on a more controlled timeline for your plans and client needs.
  1. Transferring to a trusted attorney or firm. You may know some good attorneys or firms out there that would be interested. If you are worried about confidentiality, then consider hiring a law practice broker to maintain confidentiality and guide the parties through the process.
  1. Selling to a marketplace buyer. The number of buyers looking for quality law firms in all sorts of practice areas and locations continues to grow. This is a great option to maintain confidentiality and bring in a successor for value when internal options don’t exist.
  1. Partnership, join a firm, or merge. You have built a good practice. You are a good attorney. Most firms would be happy to have you join them in a partnership, merger, or lateral move structure. Financials and your ultimate exit plan should be agreed upon, but this is a great option when others don’t fit.
  1. Do nothing. It will happen. One day you will no longer be running your practice. The question is what that even will look like if you have not taken action and seen it through. Did you get the financial needs required upon exit? Are your clients going to be taken care of? Employees?