Personal Injury Firm with Tremendous Cash Flows in Coastal North Carolina


Law Firm Details

Outstanding and rare opportunity to acquire tremendous market share and proven Personal Injury firm model in a beautiful coastal North Carolina marketplace. With its incredible marketing platforms, consistent lead generation, brand awareness and business tested systems, this firm has been built to provide exceptional legal services while also maximizing owner’s cash flows.

The firm represents a wide variety of personal injury clients, including auto accident, wrongful death, product liability, premises liability, medical and nursing home negligence, workers compensation, as well as others.

The firm puts immense focus on the firm’s brand development, marketing systems, attorney-client contact, client satisfaction, and quality control – all under a systematic approach which is tested and continuously improved upon. With over 12 years serving the community and a significant presence in media and advertising, this firm has positioned itself as a premier law firm in its marketplace.

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      Proven and consistent marketing strategy with an impeccable reputation generate consistent annual revenues above $1,100,000. Efficient firm structure and processes, quality cases and a tremendous team create strong profit margins and annual cash flows to the owner ranging between $575,000 and $840,000.


      The consistent marketing provides a steady stream of quality cases and inventory that will be transferred as part of sale for immediate cash flow benefit and security to the next owner.


      The firm has been strategically positioned in the center of the geographic client marketplace on a highly trafficked road for maximized visibility.


      Through proven marketing platforms and a strong reputation and history of client satisfaction, this firm has cultivated a dominant foothold in its marketplace. This reputation drives the increasing demand.


      The firm is marketing-focused with a built, tested, and constantly producing strategic marketing platform, including a dominant online and television presence that generates a significant amount of client leads. The firm’s well-planned and well-executed television and online marketing strategy has made it a top attorney advertiser in its marketplace and provides a steady stream of new client generation and revenues while also allowing for ease of brand transition.


      There is a tremendous amount of good will and brand value associated with the firm in its marketplace.


      This firm truly has focused on the business and operations process as it has developed and refined operational procedures including proprietary intakes, checklists, policies, procedures and workflows that both help drive the overall client matter process and provide the framework for consistent production of high-quality legal services.


      The firm’s highly trained and motivated employees are a significant key to long term success.



The firm is ready for continued success and growth under a developed transition plan to new ownership. This is the perfect opportunity for an attorney or law firm looking for proven revenues and a tremendous market brand to continue to profit from for years to come!