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Looking for a branded, marketing and data driven, and overall outstanding business modeled law firm with proven systems for you or your firm to take on and continue its outstanding financial growth? Then, this truly unique and incredible law firm investment opportunity is for you.

The firm offers niche legal services in Immigration Law to a strategic target market and leverages strong staff and customized operations which will allow for a seamless transition of ownership and an immediate opportunity for growth into additional markets or in its existing footprint. If you have been looking for the right opportunity which is built and ready for you to grow, then this firm is it.

  • Business Model– The firm has been structured on a corporate model rather than a traditional law firm model. Ownership’s primary focus is on high level firm strategy with staff and systems to handle the majority of day-to-day operations.
  • Cases in Progress – The firm maintains above 400-500 cases in progress at any given time that will transfer as part of the sale for immediate client revenues to new ownership.
  • Data Driven – The firm manages from data and has the systems built for ownership to show proven historical success, but also to point to avenues for new growth in revenues with confidence if a new owner so desires.
  • Unique Practice Area – Refined through the years, the firm offers unique services to an underserved, but high demand market which can be expanded into new geographic locations as one potential growth strategy.
  • Marketing Driven Platforms– The firm is marketing focused and implements its proven strategic marketing systems with data monitoring to show success in attracting its niched target audience. Additionally, its outstanding online marketing drives new firm leads and manages the data properly to ensure a proven return on investment strategy which can be further leveraged through other media channels for additional growth.
  • Extensive Prior Client Database– The firm has an extensive prior client database which both refer to the firm and return as repeat clients.This is a can’t miss opportunity for a law firm or investment focused attorneys to acquire an incredible law firm brand with growing revenues in a prime geographic location. If you are an attorney or law firm looking for expansion with immense growth opportunity look no further!