Your law firm has real market value. Do you know what it is?

Every law firm has a marketable value. Knowing what a law firm is actually worth is imperative knowledge that every law firm seller and buyer in the market needs to know. 

Valuation is the only true way to determine the actual market value of your law firm.

As a law firm seller, valuation shows buyers what your firm is really worth, what your potential path to exit may look like, and the timing of everything that comes next.

 A comprehensive law firm valuation by The Law Practice Exchange:

Law Firm Value. Let’s you know what the true “transferable value” is for the firm

Potential Sale Structures. Illuminates what exit scenarios are possible

Deal Terms & Seller Transition. Shows you potential deal terms, types of buyers, timeline for transition and much more

And maybe most importantly it avoids the risk of selling for too little or paying too much for a law firm. 

A law firm valuation is also the first and most crucial piece to any sale or purchase. Stop the guessing and get The Law Practice Exchange’s expertise and over a decade of experience working for you.

Your law firm is invaluable to you, but what does the market say?

Our valuations are completed with the market buyer in mind. From using our database of comparable firm sales to our expert team giving real time market feedback for your firm’s value, the result is a real-time value and financial analysis to show you what’s possible today.

There is no guarantee that you’ll be happy with the market value LPE calculates for your firm. But we can guarantee that we know the market and can provide you with the true financial benchmark needed for your plan and your seller listing. 

There is one and only one way to sell your law firm for what it is actually worth: a professional and comprehensive valuation by the experts in law firm sales, The Law Practice Exchange.

Our dedicated team of experts brings over ten years of market insight to the table, providing a detailed analysis and informed opinion on the reasonable transferable value of your law firm. Our valuation process is thorough, structured, and designed to reflect the individuality of your firm.


LPE's Expert Valuation Process

Discovery Phase – Establishing a Foundation

Collection of comprehensive firm data

Engagement in discussions to understand strategic intentions

Compilation of detailed information about the firm

Acquisition of all necessary financial documents

Analyze Phase – In-Depth Assessment

Detailed analysis of factors that influence market value.

Assessment of the firm's key value drivers, market position, and operations

Benchmarking against comparable firms

Evaluation of the firm's structural and transition potentials

Development of historical and projected cash flows to determine profitability

Report Phase – Conclusive Insights and Valuation

Presentation of the comprehensive valuation report

Synthesis of valuation determinants to articulate the firm's true value

Explanation of various valuation methodologies, application, and relevance

The LPE valuation process goes beyond numbers to encapsulate your firm’s true potential. With our nuanced approach, you’ll receive a valuation that is not only accurate but also actionable, guiding you towards informed decisions for your firm’s future.

If you are starting to consider the sale or succession of your firm, take the first step and get the crucial knowledge provided in LPE’s valuation.

And, if you are looking to buy then do so with a true determination of value and the deal terms to make it work through LPE’s analysis of your potential purchase.

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