Your Law Firm Has Real Market Value

Do you know what it is?

Knowing what your law firm is worth is a step that every law firm owner should take and unfortunately many of them take that step far too late, or not at all.

Valuation is the only true way to determine the actual market value of your law firm. This imperative knowledge shows buyers what your firm is really worth, what your potential path to exit may look like, and the timing of everything that comes next.

No matter where you are in your transition timeline, NOW is the time to discover what your law firm is actually worth.

Why now? Because having a law firm valuation:

Without valuation, you risk missing out on significant financial gains or having no transition at all and simply shutting off the lights someday. Don’t let that happen to you.

Your law firm is invaluable to you, but what does the market say?

Our valuations are completed with the market buyer in mind. From using our database of comparable firm sales to our expert team giving real time market feedback for your firm’s value, the result is a real-time value and financial analysis to show you what’s possible today.

Knowing what someone else is willing to pay for your law firm–the actual market value–is what gets deals done. It helps you match with buyers who are looking for what your firm offers. And right now we have 5 times as many buyers as sellers in the market so opportunities are ripe.

There is no guarantee that you’ll be happy with the market value LPE calculates for your firm. But we can guarantee that we know the market and can provide you with the true financial benchmark needed for your plan and your seller listing.

There is one and only one way to sell your law firm for what it is actually worth: a professional and comprehensive valuation by the experts in law firm sales.

Don’t wait. Attract buyers in the Marketplace that are a good fit for your firm, put your exit plan in place, and transition on YOUR terms.

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