Set your Succession up for Success

Set your Succession up for Success Selling to a Partner or Associate is Not as Simple as it May Seem

Internal sale or succession is a common path law firm owners take to exit the ownership of their law practice.

Also common? The belief that selling to an internal candidate means you won’t have to be strategic, or that it will be an easy task.

No matter who you sell your law firm to, you need to carefully plan your exit strategy, maximize your financial gains, and secure your legacy on your terms.

There is far too much at stake to make assumptions.

Lawyers often assume that because they have an established partnership or relationship with an associate, that the succession will be simple and smooth.

Unfortunately, that is not the case. Here’s why.

This is not a simple “hand over the office keys” scenario.

This is a first-time experience for both of you. There is no substitute for a fully informed strategy,
which you can get with LPE’s Succession Planning Service.

Take the first step to succession success.


Failing to plan means planning to fail.

This is never more true than when exiting the life-long legacy that is your law practice.

Our proven process helps law firm owners like you:

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Take the first step to succession success.

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