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The Law Practice Exchange is a simple and effective way to sell an established law firm.

Sell your law firm online with a guided experience.
The Easy Way to Sell Your Law Firm

Simplify the sale of your law firm with The Law Practice Exchange

Selling a law firm can be a complicated and extensive process. LPE provides owners a simple and vast marketplace with guided process to list and sell their law firms to make the process easier.

Access thousands of serious buyers

Get matched and engage with qualified buyers

Get the absolute best price for your law firm

Negotiate in a confidential and secure online environment.

How The LPE Marketplace Works

Sell your law firm in
4 easy steps

List Your Law Firm
for Sale

Sign up and enter your law firm details by answering a series of questions and uploading documents. Include all relevant details you would like to share and your listing will be published to our platform’s vast network of verified buyers across the country.

Meet Serious Prospective Buyers

Our platform pre-verifies buyers identities and their acquisition goals and helps them get ready to help you easily determine if they are qualified to purchase your law firm. From identity to financials, you can rest assured that the buyer you’re engaging with is truly serious about your law firm.

Confidential Communication

All users in our platform are required to sign non-disclosure agreements upon creating their accounts, so you can rest assured that your conversations remain confidential. With our secure messaging system, you can engage with serious buyers and exchange pertinent documentation as needed.

Close The Deal

Once you’ve negotiated the terms of the deal and accepted an offer, LPE offers assistance on due diligence consulting and preparing for closing. When ready, LPE will also introduce our trusted partners such as attorneys, CPAs, lenders, or others to help coordinate the closing so you can focus on what comes next.

The LPE Difference

Stop worrying and get started with a trusted, expert team behind you every step of the way!

As Much Support As You Need

Many law firm owners face uncertainty about initiating the sale of their firm. LPE addresses this challenge by providing a platform where you can list your law firm for sale, accompanied by comprehensive tools and support at every step. Additionally, our help center offers a wealth of guides and resources to ensure that whatever assistance you require, we’re here to support you throughout the process.

Proven Process to Success

 The Law Practice Exchange has dedicated over a decade to refining, testing, and implementing a proven process tailored for effectively acquiring, divesting, or establishing succession plans for law firms. Recognizing the unique dynamics of law firm transactions, our established process is meticulously designed to guide you through each stage, ensuring that you and your law firm can maximize benefits and achieve your objectives with confidence.

Explore Qualified Buyers

Our platform attracts thousands of buyers seeking the perfect match, and we equip them with the necessary information to make informed decisions. When you list your law firm on the LPE platform, it gains exposure to a vast network of enthusiastic buyers, streamlining the selling process and enhancing the chances of connecting with the ideal buyer for you and your law firm.

Leader In Law Firm Sales

We are the leader in law firm sales, helping lawyers and law firms from across the United States. As the resource for lawyer exit planning, we receive inquiries across the country (and beyond at times) from lawyers and law firms looking for help in planning their ownership transition through a marketplace sale of their firm or an internal sale through a succession plan.

One Goal, Two Seller Solutions

You’re In Control of The Sale of Your Law Firm

Explore Your Options and Choose The One That Best Suits You
Other seller
One Goal, Two Seller Solutions

You’re In Control of
The Sale of Your Law Firm

Explore Your Options and Choose The One That Best Suits You
Other seller

Sell On
Our Platform

Selling on the LPE Marketplace means you handle your law firm sale from end-to-end: you decide when to sell, who to connect, plus the terms of the deal.
Who’s it for?:
Law firms of
all sizes
Starting for free with 1.5% success commission only if you approve and complete a sale in the Marketplace.
all sizes
Average sale time:
12 to 24 months
Selling Method:

LPE Marketplace

You manage
the sales process

Personal and

details remain

Sell With
LPE Elite

Need help to sell your mid-sized law firm? LPE Premium offers custom solutions to businesses with revenues above $2M.
Who’s it for?:
Law firms with
above $2M
Average sale time:
12 months
Selling Method:

LPE Marketplace Partner Broker Buyer Database

An advisory experience,
tailored to your needs.
Personal and business
details remain confidential

*Average based on internal data and account activity.
**Fees vary per client. Geographic restrictions may apply. Book a call with an advisor to learn more.

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Client Successes


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Get answers to your frequently asked questions

There is no upfront fee for listing your law firm on the LPE Marketplace. A success fee of 1.5% is applied only upon the successful closing of a sale that originated from the Marketplace. We also offer optional fixed-fee advisory services tailored to assist sellers in achieving a successful law firm sale.
Begin by registering on the LPE Marketplace platform and verifying your account. Once registered and verified, you can begin preparing your listing, or looking at the LPE advisory services that may be needed to meet your goals.
The LPE Marketplace provides a secure and user-friendly platform for sellers to directly communicate with potential buyers. This includes messaging capabilities, document sharing, offer management, and access to various resources, all designed to facilitate a smooth transaction process from initiation to completion.
Yes, the LPE Marketplace caters to a diverse range of law firms, encompassing various practice areas and sizes. Our objective is to support all law firms in achieving their objectives, whether it’s buying or selling, by providing a comprehensive and accessible platform, regardless of practice area, location, size of firm or others.
To aid in setting a competitive and market-driven selling price, the Law Practice Exchange offers professional valuation services to accurately assess your law firm’s market value. While sellers ultimately decide their listing price, an informed valuation can significantly enhance marketability and success.
Maintaining confidentiality is a cornerstone of our service. Every user of the LPE Marketplace is required to sign a confidentiality agreement to protect sensitive information, ensuring that confidentiality is preserved for both sellers and buyers until the appropriate stages of the negotiation and transaction processes.
Sellers receive extensive support from LPE, including access to our valuation services, deal structuring, due diligence and other advisory on best practices from listing and marketing their firm to the closing process. Our team is dedicated to providing expert advice and support every step of the way.
LPE works to verify identity and vet potential buyers to ensure they meet specific criteria, ensuring a suitable match for your law firm. This process is designed to attract serious and qualified buyers, safeguarding the interests of our sellers.
The timeframe for selling a law firm can vary based on several factors including the firm’s practice area, market demand, and the specifics of the firm itself. While we strive to facilitate a timely process, our primary focus is on ensuring a match that meets the seller’s goals and expectations, but giving yourself time is key to finding the right buyer for you.
Yes, the degree of your involvement post-sale can be negotiated as part of the sale terms. Many buyers appreciate the continuity that the seller’s involvement can bring, whether in a transitional or a more permanent capacity.
LPE provides guidance and resources to support both sellers and buyers through the due diligence process and also offers services to help manage the due diligence process for efficient review and preparation for closing. This includes facilitating the exchange of necessary documents and information through our secure platform, and advising on best practices to ensure a thorough and efficient due diligence phase.
If a sale does not close, there is no fee owed to LPE for the listing. Our team will work with you to understand any obstacles encountered and can provide additional support or advisory services to address these challenges for future attempts.
LPE employs a strategic mix of confidential marketing tactics tailored to your law firm’s unique characteristics and target buyer demographic. This can include targeted outreach, listing on our exclusive Marketplace, and leveraging our network of potential buyers to ensure your firm is presented to the right audience.
LPE offers a range of resources, including tools, best practices, checklists and advisory services to address any specific needs or concerns you may have about the sale process.
Maximizing your firm’s value can involve several strategies, including improving operational efficiencies, enhancing your client base, optimizing financial performance, and ensuring all legal and ethical compliance is up to date. LPE can provide tailored advice on value enhancement strategies suitable for your firm through our valuation services.
Preparing your law firm for sale involves organizing financial records, ensuring legal compliance, enhancing the firm’s operational efficiencies, and possibly making strategic adjustments to improve appeal to potential buyers. LPE provides advisory services to help streamline this process, if needed.
Yes, LPE offers support and resources to facilitate a smooth transition process. This includes advising on best practices for transferring client relationships, employee integration, and operational handovers, ensuring continuity and minimizing disruption.
The valuation of a law firm is a complex process that considers various factors, including financial performance, client base, practice area demand, and intellectual property. LPE’s valuation services use industry-specific methodologies to provide a realistic and marketable valuation of your firm.

Selling a law firm involves unique legal considerations, including compliance with state bar regulations, client confidentiality, and the transfer of legal files and responsibilities. LPE, or one of LPE’s trusted partners can guide you through these considerations and recommend specialized legal advice when necessary.

Employee transition can be a key concern in the sale of a law firm. LPE advises on strategies for employee retention and transition, including communication plans, retention bonuses, and integration into the buyer’s organization, to ensure a positive outcome for your team.

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