Our platform and services are built to find you the right continuation plan for your law practice. However, the path you need to achieve that goal isn’t always clear so we are here to help you with questions like:

  • What should my timeline be for exploring sale or succession for my law practice?
  • Should I consider selling to my associate or explore the market for a buyer?
  • What is my law practice worth?
  • How do we create a partnership equity succession structure for our law firm?
  • How do I compensate associates or non-equity attorneys?
Regardless of where you are in your planning process with these questions we can help. Our consulting process models are built to help you determine the right path, choice, timelines and overall financial models for you and your law firm.
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LPE Valuation Process

If you need a Law Firm Valuation for your law firm then we can help. It’s the key ingredient to any successful sale, purchase or succession plan and usually the best place to start to provide a “financial benchmark” to work towards in your planning.

How Our Valuation Process Works

1. We learn about your firm. This is where we gather financials, firm info and SWOT analysis items in order to understand your firm and potential key value metrics.

2. We talk with you. The consultation and communication phase is used to answer our questions and your’s as well as to discuss specifics on the analysis.

3. We perform our analysis and provide your law firm valuation report. This is the reporting phase and where we provide our valuation opinion with supporting materials for you to keep and use as needed.

We offer fixed pricing valuation or law firm pricing analysis as well as purchase structure modeling. 

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It All Starts With a Phone Call

We have the proven success to help you and your law firm. It all starts with an initial phone call to explore your needs to see which of our consulting services is right for you.