LPE Elite Seller Services

Full-Service Brokerage Exclusively for Large-Scale Law Firms

Law firms that have attained a certain level are more complex to complete as they come with a heavier price tag, more extensive operations and more deal requirements as a result.

A comprehensive approach to brokerage gets the deal done.

Building a law firm that surpasses $2M, $10M, or $20M in
revenue is a significant accomplishment.

Over our decade of experience in valuing, structuring and brokering law firms, we have learned exactly what it takes to build a firm that is of a significant size…and how many moving parts, potential complications, and people are involved with a transaction of this size.

Our multi-million dollar seller deals all seemed to have one thing in common. There was nothing simple about brokering their sale.

From the valuation to the private buyer search through to the negotiations and due diligence, each step required extensive time and knowledge to make them happen.

You shouldn’t leave anything up to chance. Instead, leverage our expert team to protect what you’ve worked so hard to achieve, simplify the sales process, and maximize your profit with our exclusive advisory experience.

Elite Seller Services will take your law firm sale transaction all the way through from start to finish with:

‘One Size Fits All’ Doesn’t Work for Larger Law Firm Sales

When selling a law firm that generates more in revenue annually than others in the marketplace, it simply takes more to get the deal done and there is much more at stake. We offer our Elite Seller Services only to qualifying sellers whose transactions are inherently complex to complete because there is more at stake for both sides of the transaction.

We’ve cultivated this approach for over a decade… and it works, and we have the results and success stories to show for it.

We protect your interests and maximize your results every step of the way. Our advisory approach makes all the difference in whether a deal of your size and scope gets done… or not.

Get more from all that you’ve put into your law firm with The Law Practice Exchange’s Elite Seller Service, designed exclusively for sellers like you.

Why The Law Practice Exchange?

10+ years

facilitating law firm sales and strategic exits

100 + of attorneys

advised on law firm valuation, sales, and succession


in law firm deal revenue facilitated

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