Are You Close to Achieving a Deal and Want to Ensure it Actually Closes?

Let Us Help You Get it Done On The Right Terms with Our Deal Intermediary Services

Getting a law firm transaction to the closing table can be challenging.

Having a deal fall through after you’ve invested time, money, and energy into the process is heartbreaking. And it happens more often than you think.

We Bring The Buyer And Seller Together To Get The Deal Done.

We facilitate the transaction from both sides, engaging all parties involved.

We have facilitated hundreds of law firm sale transactions. We know what it takes to get parties aligned, the processes and steps along the way, and how to engage people involved on the periphery to move a transaction forward.

With Deal Intermediary Services, you get:

Let The Law Practice Exchange clear the hurdles in your path, unify buyer and seller, and make your deal not just a possibility, but a success.

Why The Law Practice Exchange?

10+ years

facilitating law firm sales and strategic exits

100 + of attorneys

advised on law firm valuation, sales, and succession


in law firm deal revenue facilitated