Successful Real Estate Firm in the Rapidly Growing Triangle (NC) LPE#621

Can’t miss opportunity in the Triangle (NC)! This firm is considered the “go-to” law firm for Residential Real Estate in its primary consumer market and immediate surrounding areas. This successful and reputable firm is built upon close and long-standing working relationships with lenders, real estate agents, and prior clients which have been built over the past 20+ years! This strong and dedicated network provides 60 to 80 residential real estate closings a month and has and continues to provide strong cash flows to owner.



  • Incredible Reputation and Market Share: This firm is one of the most recognized legal brands in its marketplace, has cultivated an incredible reputation, and is the “go-to” firm in its marketplace.

  • Rapidly Growing Marketplace: The firm’s brand is well-established and promoted continuously in one of the fastest growing and high-demand areas of the country.

  • Ready to Scale: Current owner has focused mainly on daily firm operations and is comfortable at current cash flows levels. However, given the ever increasing demand in the marketplace there is significant opportunity for growth through increased promotion of the firm with local lenders, real estate agents and others. The owner is offering to assist in efforts on capturing growth opportunities post-closing.

  • Transition Ready: With strong processes, workflows, and knowledgeable staff the firm operations are transition-ready and owner is offering post-closing assistance to hand off goodwill and any needed training.

  • Flexible Transition: The owner looks forward to working alongside a successor post-closing to transition the firm connections, referral network, and clients consistent with an overall transition plan reflecting on buyer’s needs and goals.

The owner looks forward to working with the right buyer to continue the value, the business platform and the profits the firm provides in serving its clients in the marketplace.

This is a must-see opportunity if seeking a reputable Real Estate firm as a part of your growth strategy!


Tremendous Opportunity for North Carolina Market Expansion & Adding Recession Proof Practice Areas LPE#622

Diversified firm core legal service offerings including both transactional and litigation based services. The firm offers services in Personal Injury Law, Real Estate Litigation, Foreclosure Litigation, Collections, as well as transactional and litigation regarding Business Law.



  • Consistent and steady practice income through business and collections
  • Ongoing and repeat client relationships for business, HOA, real estate and collections
  • Steady base of personal injury cases for strong yearly practice area cash flows
  • Huge upside benefits with top case opportunities in certain years.

Market brand dominance built over time through philanthropic efforts as well as educational and community focused marketing content and platforms this firm has become the ‘go-to’ law firm for its service offerings in the community. In addition to the community efforts the firm also provides a personal touch to each client with responsiveness and accessibility being key brand strengths while also delivering high quality legal services. All these efforts have endeared the firm to the community it serves and has established its incredible reputation and impeccable client satisfaction ratings.



    Since its inception the firm has rolled out a strategic and now well-proven marketing platform that has endeared it to the community which provides a steady stream of referrals and repeat client revenues. The overall marketing strategy also includes a strong website presence designed to maximize SEO to drive new leads and clients. Internet presence and marketing platforms represent nearly 80% of all new leads.

    The firm’s impeccable reputation and high client satisfaction as well as a steady base of repeat clients that provide consistent year-to-year practice revenues and additional referrals. Currently, demand significantly exceeds capacity for business practice group.

    Through marketing platforms, community efforts, and a history of client satisfaction this firm has cultivated an unmatched reputation which drives increasing demand for its servicesThat, along with the strong website and SEO efforts provides even more opportunity for growth with the next generation of ownership.

    Tenured, committed and highly-trained staff who truly drive the firm’s operational process in support of clients and attorneys. Each staff member assists in driving key firm operations and is capable of working autonomously requiring minimal oversight.

    This firm truly has focused on the business and operations process as it has developed and refined operational procedures for each practice area including proprietary intakes, checklists, and workflows that both helps drive the overall client matter process and provides the framework for consistent production of high-quality legal services.

    Ownership is focused on finding the right successor to carry forward the firm culture, reputation, and high-quality legal services. Assuming a good fit, the sellers are open to highly attractive structures options that provide lower risk to the purchaser.

  • MAY BE IDEAL IF… :This firm may be the perfect opportunity for an established firm looking for expansion into a strong and growing North Carolina market with attorney(s) or practice area knowledge in the business, litigation and personal injury practice areas that would allow client workload to transition easily. Or, it may also be ideal for two or more attorneys experienced in those practice areas that are looking for immediate firm ownership and profitability as compared to new firm start-up or similar.

If you are a law attorney or firm looking for that growth opportunity in North Carolina look no further!


Los Angeles County Law Firm Ownership Opportunity (Bankruptcy)

Incredible opportunity to acquire and own a reputable and respected bankruptcy law firm in the Los Angeles county marketplace! This established firm with strong relationships and processes is seeking a successor to transition the firm’s goodwill and future cash flows.



  • Incredible Location- Located in incredible Los Angeles county the firm operates from an office that is extremely convenient to the marketplace.

  • Support Staff- The firm offers a strong support staff to assist and drive business operations. It is anticipated that support staff will prove valuable with the transition of ownership and continuation of operations.

  • Transition Ready- The firm has proprietary written processes for all practice areas for smooth transition to a successor. Owner is offering to transition the firm to new ownership and looking forward to crafting a transition plan focused on handing off key firm relationships and referral network.

  • Growth Opportunities- Current ownership is content with caseload and the organic lead generation it receives from its reputation and referral network. Currently, the firm preforms no form of marketing and is able to easily maintain current revenues. Increased marketing efforts represents a great opportunity for increased lead generation and overall firm growth.


If you are a bankruptcy, consumer law advocate or other attorney looking to own your own practice or a consumer creditor firm seeking a geographic growth opportunity in the Los Angeles marketplace look no further!


Virtual Based Immigration Law Firm with Elite International Firm Reputation

Incredible opportunity for a law firm seeking to expand revenue and international client base reach in immigration. The firm’s strategic practice area offerings focus on EB 1 and EB2 Visas and the firm has developed an impeccable reputation for high-quality services including complex work.


This law firm acquisition opportunity offers:



  • Virtual Practice: This firm operates virtually with work from anywhere flexibility. Due to its virtual nature the firm boasts high profit margins and cash flows to owner and leverages technology for highly efficient operations. Current ownership does not meet with 99% of clients and is able handle all work and communications remotely.
  • Federal Practice Area: The firm’s exclusive focus on immigration law allows for decreased state law licensing requirements and opportunities for client service and additional attorney hires in markets outside the geographic market. This in combination with its virtual nature gives immense flexibility for an acquiring firm to absorb operations and client work into current operations and location.
  • Highly Qualified Contractor Work: This firm has cultivated strategic relationships with well-vetted professor experts for enhanced legal services in order to utilize attorney time more successfully.
  • Incredible Reputation: With over 40 years of high-quality legal services the firm has developed tremendous reputation that continues to drive referrals and new client relationships.
  • Immense Growth Opportunity Currently firm reputation and client relationships generate all new legal work and revenues. Implementation of a strategic marketing plan would serve as an opportunity for increased reach and overall growth.
  • Ownership Transition Plan: Ownership is seeking a successor and looks forward to operating under a strategic transition plan and remaining affiliated with the firm to ensure ease of client and firm transition to new ownership.


With quotes like “You have a high powered attorney” and “Your lawyer did an amazing job. You got your money’s worth.” from Consular officers from U.S. Embassies around the world, this amazing opportunity allows for the right law firm to obtain immediate client base and name recognition in an incredible practice area.


Contact us today to learn if this opportunity is right for your firm!


*Financials include projected for current year

Mountain based Transactional Law Firm with Tremendous Reputation and Client Base (NC)

Must see opportunity for a law firm or lawyer looking to expand client base, revenues and profits, geographic market, or practice area(s) into the Mountains of North Carolina. The firm’s strategic practice area offerings focus on transactional work and provide consistent new and returning client foot traffic resulting in more demand than current staff capacity to meet the demand.


This law firm acquisition opportunity offers:



  • Incredible Reputation and Client Base: With over 30 years of high-quality legal services, deep community ties, and philanthropy, this firm has cultivated a tremendous reputation and strong client relationships in its community and beyond.
  • Trained & Knowledgeable Team: Tenured and experienced team focused on client care and service in order to utilize attorney time more successfully.
  • Desirable Geographic Location: Highly desirable geographic market both for work as well as life balance. The firm operates from an attractive office building which offers opportunities for additional expansion and growth in team and is available for rent or sale.
  • Consistent Revenues: Revenues are consistently above $430,000 per year.
  • Scalability: Excess demand in current and other practice areas, as well as marketing opportunities, provide the next generation of ownership opportunity to grow and scale beyond the current level of matters and revenues.
  • Ownership Transition Plan: Ownership is seeking the right strategic successor and looks forward to a personal transition plan to ensure ease of client and overall firm transition.


This exciting opportunity allows for the right attorney or law firm to obtain immediate client base and name recognition in an incredible marketplace for overall increase in profits with potential for much more through next generation growth.


Contact us today to learn if this opportunity is right for you or your firm!

Nationally Branded, Repeat Client Base & Turn-Key Operations Immigration Law Firm

If you or your firm are looking for growth opportunities then adding this brand, repeat corporate client base and team operations platform may be the perfect fit! The clients are there, the system is built, the team is highly trained and the firm has a long proven history of success even in market or legislative changes.

If you are looking to have immediate ownership and cash flow or your firm is searching for growth by adding a new service or practice area for your existing clients or acquiring a proven high cash flow producing law firm – this firm can help supercharge those goals!

About this opportunity:

  • Incredibly Strong Brand, Marketing Platform and Trademarks : Early investment into firm trademarks, domains and brand marketing has put this firm as a leader in its market and can easily be transferred to the next generation of ownership.

  • Reputation Like No Others: Ownership and the firm have a recognized industry and client reputation which is highly-rated, knowledgeable and top advisors for immigration services.

  • Expansion Ready: Current brand and client base is locally focused in the US, particularly the South East, but there is a great opportunity to expand the brand to new US marketplaces or even on an international scale.

  • Federal Practice Area: The firm’s exclusive focus in immigration law allows for ‘practice from anywhere’ opportunity, but provides a solid headquarters to maintain the team, operations and service client location needs.

  • Proven Business Model: This firm has been built as a business model with substantial time and investment over the years to create the proven operational and financial success that exists today. Defined client operational workflow allows significant advantages to client service as well as increased overall efficiency of the firm and an easier transition post-sale.

  • Consistently Strong Revenues Even In Tested Market: Strong client relationships, repeat referrals and business clients have allowed this firm to weather changes and stay strong throughout with consistent Revenues above $825,000 per year.

  • Ownership Transition Plan: Ownership is looking for the right strategic successor and is willing to be the goodwill ambassador to ensure ease of client and overall firm management transition.

This exciting opportunity allows for the right attorney or law firm to obtain immediate client base, expanded brand reach and overall increase in profits with potential for much more through next generation growth.

Contact us today to learn if this opportunity is right for you or your firm!

Turn-Key Trial Law Brand with Virtual Platform (FL) LPE#612

Tremendous opportunity to acquire an efficient, process-driven Trial Law Brand.
The firm leverages technology to create a virtual platform from which all non-trial operations can be performed for maximized efficiency and flexibility. Cloud-based servers, virtual phone systems, FL e-filing system, etc. provide the ability to perform non-trial work remotely. Well-documented processes that have been refined over the years drive firm efficiency for increased cash flow margins. Due to the virtual platform and processes the firm operates with minimal overhead which generates an excellent profit margin, typically around 50% of sales.


  • Brand Based
    This firm and its reputation have been built around an incredible brand, rather than an individual attorney, allowing for enhanced brand recognition, SEO, and ultimately a smooth transition of ownership.

  • Expansion Opportunities
    This incredible brand also provides the opportunity to expand into other trial practice areas or to take the brand to new markets as a potential growth strategy.


The brand, processes, and virtual nature of the firm increase ease of transfer to another attorney or absorption of operations into another firm. Call today for this can’t miss opportunity. Florida Broker: Rebecca Robinson.

Insurance Defense Law Firm in North Carolina LPE#604

Tremendous opportunity for an Insurance Defense firm or attorney to acquire a solo operated Insurance Defense firm, its operations and client relationships. Established in the 1990’s many of their clients have been with the firm since inception. Throughout the years the firm has developed lasting relationships with its clients which provide consistent repeat revenues year to year. The firm has created strong standardized workflows, processes, file opening checklist, and report templates. Usually the owner is called upon to defend personal injury, catastrophic losses, wrongful death, substantial fire and water losses, construction defect cases, and more.


  • Client Base– – Incredible opportunity to capture a new client base and owner is offering transitional assistance to ensure proper handoff of client relationships.
  • Consistent Cash Flows– Given consistent demand from the client base and workload capacity the firm generates stable and predictable revenues and cash flows each year.
  • Opportunity for Growth– For the purposes of healthy life balance the owner has not maximized the capacity of demand for the firm. Given current demand there is much room for growth organically and through expansion of service offerings to capture additional work from the client base.


Owner is offering transitional assistance so don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to grow or establish your Insurance Defense client base. Call today to learn more!

Virtual-Based Business Law Firm Brand – Charlotte Metro Area NC. LPE#602

Incredible opportunity to own or absorb a virtual-based business law firm brand. The practice has been built on a virtual platform with online/SEO metrics tied to the Charlotte marketplace and has reach well beyond Charlotte, even into other states. The firm operates almost fully remotely with occasional need for face-to-face client meetings around once per quarter. Due to its virtual nature the firm operates efficiently with fantastic cost and profit ratios. This firm practice areas focus around complimentary areas of business law generating a highly desirable earnings-per-client. The firm has been built around a brand rather than any individual attorney for transition-ready handoff to new ownership. The firm is currently positioned for growth with attorneys seeking associate roles, if new ownership desires to scale.


  • Virtual Nature– This firm operates virtually with remote work flexibility. Due to its virtual nature the firm boasts strong cash flows to owner and leverages technology for highly efficient operations.
  • Brand Based– The firm and its reputation has been built around a brand, as compared to any individual attorney, making the firm transition-ready for new ownership.
  • Highly Motivated– Seller is highly motivated for sale. Priced to sell and the seller is open to highly-attractive low-risk structures and options.


Seller seeking to change career direction and desires to hand off the client base and firm to new ownership. The seller is offering training and transitional services to new ownership for smooth transition of clients, reputation, and future cash flows.

Well-Known Family Law Firm in Southern California. LPE#595

Perfect opportunity to acquire a family law firm deeply-rooted in an incredible location in Southern California. Established in the 1980’s, this firm is well known in its marketplace and has built a reputation for high quality legal services. With a focus on family law for over 25 years, the firm has cultivated an expansive prior client list that generates new business. With well-established reputation, operations, and processes this firm generates consistent revenues and cash flows year to year.


  • Location: Over This firm operates from a fantastic location in downtown area of Southern California. This firm is convenient to its desired marketplace as well as the courthouse.
  • Established Lead Generation Sources:- Over With 25 years of focus on Family Law the firm has a strong prior client list and reputation that generates nearly 55% of revenues. In addition, the website domain is targeted towards the desired market and generates around 30% of revenues.


The firm has a reputation for excellence in the field of family law and now the owner is seeking a successor that is equally dedicated to protecting clients’ rights to transition the firm and future revenues. If you are a family law attorney or firm looking for a growth opportunity in California, this is a must-see opportunity!

What Our Clients Say !

“The transition was smooth, the clients were glad to know their new advocate was enthusiastic and ready to help them and the practice never skipped a beat.”

Erik B.- Buyer

The Law Practice Exchange

Erik B.- Buyer

“The transition was smooth, the clients were glad to know their new advocate was enthusiastic and ready to help them and the practice never skipped a beat.”
“Amanda and Tom introduced me to a buyer I would have never met otherwise.  Throughout the process, they were available, helpful, and experienced in keeping us on track toward closing.  The entire process went better than expected, and I have Amanda and Tom to thank for that.”

-Bankruptcy Firm Seller LPE#541

The Law Practice Exchange

-Bankruptcy Firm Seller LPE#541

“Amanda and Tom introduced me to a buyer I would have never met otherwise.  Throughout the process, they were available, helpful, and experienced in keeping us on track toward closing.  The entire process went better than expected, and I have Amanda and Tom to thank for that.”
“Thank you again for all of your help. I didn’t think it was possible to get money for our practice and you proved me wrong.”

-Residential Real Estate Seller LPE#522

The Law Practice Exchange

-Residential Real Estate Seller LPE#522

“Thank you again for all of your help. I didn’t think it was possible to get money for our practice and you proved me wrong.”
The Law Practice Exchange
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