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The Law Practice Exchange simplifies the buying process so that you can purchase an established law firm with confidence.

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The old way of buying a law firm is costly, time consuming, and confusing. The Law Practice Exchange provides an efficient marketplace for buyers to research, communicate, and close on the perfect law firm to acquire.

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How The LPE Marketplace Works

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Create a profile for free

Create a free profile and immediately start browsing hundreds of law firm listings. Customize your profile to access detailed law firm documents. Engage with law firms via our secure messaging system.

Narrow your law firm search

Our platform allows you to narrow your search criteria down to practice area, location, annual revenue, and so much more! With our system’s verification methods, you can rest assured that the law firms on our site are real opportunities.

Make an offer

Once you’ve found an opportunity of interest, start a safe, secure conversation with the seller. Request more detailed information, send and receive digital documents (such as financial reports, etc.), and negotiate the terms of the sale.

Close The Deal

As the closing date approaches, a dedicated LPE account manager works alongside you through escrow until the business is officially yours.

The LPE Difference

Stop worrying and start buying with a trusted, expert team behind you every step of the way!

A vast marketplace of nationwide opportunities

Discovering the perfect law firm to purchase can be challenging. However, with our user-friendly platform and extensive range of opportunities, the process becomes effortlessly smooth. Our platform boasts a diverse inventory of listings spanning various practice areas, locations, and price ranges, ensuring you can confidently explore and find the ideal law firm that aligns with your distinctive requirements.

Save precious time

From the instant you commit to purchasing until you officially acquire your new law firm, The Law Practice Exchange is your time-saving companion. Our platform streamlines the entire process, from perusing available businesses to communicating with sellers and exchanging essential documents, all securely stored in one centralized location. With everything conveniently accessible at your fingertips, LPE ensures a seamless journey towards owning an established law firm.

Verified Sellers

The Law Practice Exchange has a dedicated team that works with sellers to help them prepare their firms for the market. Our team also works to verify that law firms listed for sale are incorporated and in good standing within the states they operate in. 

Leader In Law Firm Sales

We are the leader in law firm sales, helping buyers find law firms from across the United States. As the resource for lawyer exit planning, we receive inquiries across the country (and beyond at times) from lawyers and law firms looking for help in planning their ownership transition through a marketplace sale of their firm or an internal sale through a succession plan.

The LPE Platform

Our Most Attractive Features for Buyers

All our listings are thoughtfully outlined to provide you information about each law firm, so you can make an informed decision about moving forward. You can see the verification status, whether the firm has been professionally valuated, as well as view financial documents.

Effortlessly navigate the buying process from start to finish with a centralized hub within our LPE platform. You can easily explore the marketplace, visit seller negotiations via our messaging system, and even post a buyer profile to let sellers know exactly what you’re searching for!

If you’re financing your purchase, get pre-approved by our network of trusted lenders. Your loan will be funded in the closing process. Strengthen your offer as compared to similar offers without proof of funds.

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Client Successes


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Get answers to your frequently asked questions

There is no upfront fee for searching for a law firm to purchase on the LPE Marketplace. A success fee of 1.5% is applied only upon the successful closing of a sale or relationship with a seller that originated from the Marketplace. We also offer optional fixed-fee advisory services tailored to assist sellers in achieving a successful law firm sale.

Connecting with sellers is a streamlined and simple process within the LPE Marketplace. Buyers can exchange messages, make offers, upload documents, access resources, and manage their transaction from start to finish in one secure, confidential space.

The LPE Marketplace has law firms for sale in a variety of practice areas and sizes and has been built to help all law firms achieve their purchase or sale goals.

Begin by registering on the LPE Marketplace platform and verifying your account identity. Once registered and verified, you can browse available law firm listings, filter by practice area, size, or location, and express interest in firms that align with your acquisition criteria. LPE also offers advisory services to guide you through the buying process.

Due diligence for buying a law firm involves a comprehensive review of the firm’s financials, client base, legal compliance, employee contracts, and operational efficiency. LPE provides resources and guidance to help buyers conduct thorough due diligence and also offers full service for management of the due diligence process, if desired.

The value of a law firm is based on multiple factors, including its financial performance, client base, market position, and growth potential. Prices listed on the LPE Marketplace are set by sellers, but most are open to negotiation. LPE advises buyers on valuation and negotiation strategies to achieve fair purchase terms and offers buyers and sellers deal structuring and intermediary services to help negotiate a fair transaction for both parties when needed.

Various financing options can be considered for acquiring a law firm, including traditional bank loans, seller financing, and private equity. LPE can provide information on financing options and assist in identifying the best approach for your situation as well as connect you with trusted partner law firm lenders that fit your needs.

Planning for a smooth transition is crucial. This includes engaging with the existing management and staff, understanding the firm’s operational workflows, and maintaining continuity for clients. LPE offers resources and advisory services to support effective transition planning and execution.

Yes, acquiring a law firm involves unique legal and regulatory considerations, such as compliance with state bar rules, client confidentiality obligations, and the transfer of case files. LPE advises on these matters and may recommend consulting with legal experts specializing in law firm acquisitions.

Assessing cultural fit involves understanding the firm’s values, work environment, and employee dynamics. During the due diligence phase, engage with key stakeholders, review internal communications, and observe the firm’s operational practices to gauge cultural compatibility.

Effective communication, maintaining service quality, and demonstrating value addition are key strategies for retaining clients and staff. Incentive programs, clear career paths, and involving key personnel in transition planning can also enhance retention post-acquisition.

Yes, LPE can provide guidance and act as intermediary on negotiating the terms of the purchase, including price, payment structures, and transition assistance. Our goal is to ensure a fair and beneficial agreement for both parties.

LPE is equipped to facilitate the entire process for law firm buyers, from initial searches and connections to potential sellers and key players like lenders to due diligence and post-transaction transition support. You may still need assistance from an attorney, a CPA or one of our other trusted partners to help you close the transaction, but the LPE team can offer specific consulting advice to help be as efficient and thorough as possible.

 LPE provides post-acquisition support, including resources for operational integration, transition management, and growth strategy development. Our advisory services can be tailored to address specific challenges and opportunities you may encounter after the acquisition.

Conduct thorough due diligence focusing on the firm’s financial health, client base diversity, practice area trends, and operational efficiencies. LPE provides tools and advisory services to assist in evaluating potential investments comprehensively.

Key aspects to review in the financial statements include revenue trends, profitability, cash flow stability, accounts receivable, case inventory values, liabilities, and any contingent liabilities. Understanding the financial health and sustainability of the firm is crucial.

Approach negotiations with a clear understanding of the law firm’s value, your own investment criteria, and a willingness to find mutually beneficial terms. LPE advises on negotiation strategies and can guide you through this process. As well, having LPE perform a comprehensive valuation which includes suggested deal terms can help bring the parties closer to a reasonable structure.

This depends on the jurisdiction and specific state bar rules governing law firm ownership by non-attorneys. It’s important to consult with legal experts and LPE can provide initial guidance on these regulatory considerations.

Key risks include client attrition, employee turnover, hidden liabilities, and integration challenges. Mitigating these risks involves thorough due diligence, structured transition plans, clear communication, and retaining key personnel should be a core focus through the buying process and can be minimized or eliminated when done so.

Assess the stability and duration of client relationships, the diversity of the client base, and any dependency on specific clients. Engaging with the selling firm’s attorneys and reviewing client satisfaction data can provide valuable insights.

The demand for and profitability of the firm’s practice areas are critical. Consider market trends, regulatory changes, and how the firm’s specialties complement or expand your existing portfolio.

LPE offers filtering tools and personalized advisory services to help you identify law firms listed on the Marketplace that align with your specific acquisition criteria, including location, size, practice areas, and financial performance.

Location impacts market demand, competition, regulatory environment, and growth opportunities. You should also consider how the geographic location aligns with your strategic goals and market presence.

Develop a growth strategy that leverages the strengths of the acquired firm, identifies synergies with your existing operations, and explores new market opportunities. LPE can provide insights and resources to support your growth planning.

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