Our Experts

Our Experts


Tom Lenfestey
Attorney, CPA, ABI, ABBA
BBP Industry Expert: Legal/Law Practices

Founder of The Law Practice Exchange, LLC
Partner with Adams, Howell, Sizemore & Lenfestey, P.A.

Tom Lenfestey is the Managing Member of The Law Practice Exchange, LLC as well as a practicing North Carolina attorney and partner with the law firm of Adams Howell Sizemore & Lenfestey, PA. Tom’s legal practice has traditionally focused on creating, advising and implementing strategic business and estate plans for his clients. In doing so, he came to recognize the lack of knowledge, attention and options that were provided in the legal profession to attorneys for their own practices, specifically in the realm of succession planning and other transition or exit opportunities.


Amanda Myers
Sales & Client Manager

Amanda leans on her experience in client relations and business management to lead the way for attorneys as she drives each client through the transition process.  Her purpose is to facilitate strategic expansions and exit strategies, maintaining a deep commitment to ensuring a successful outcome for all involved. For the attorney looking to exit their practice, it is Amanda’s mission to find the perfect buyer by utilizing her resources and expert search tactics. She provides regular updates and progress reports to clients so they stay informed throughout the entire process.


LPE's Real Estate Professionals:

​The Law Practice Exchange has trusted relationships with ​expert and licensed real estate professionals in the various jurisdictions and geographic markets we serve clients.​ ​This relationship benefits our clients in several ways.

​When a selling attorney or attorneys of a practice also own the real estate used by the practice they commonly desire to sell both in a confidential manner to the buyer of a practice. While ​LPE can take all necessary steps regarding the practice portion of the transaction, valuing and transacting the commercial real property is something we leave to the real estate professionals.

Together, ​LPE and our trusted real estate professionals can provide a seamless and value driven confidential sales approach to allow the right exit value to our clients of both asset types.


If you are interested in how The Law Practice Exchange may be able to assist you or you just want to know more about us, our process or services offered then ​feel free to send us an email at info@TheLawPracticeExchange.com, call us at (919) 789-1931 or complete the web form below and we will reach out to have a confidential and no commitment conversation. Thank you.

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