Virtual Platform Family Law Brand (FL)

Posted 5 months ago

This domain branded Family Law firm with a virtual operation platform makes it a turn-key opportunity ready for another attorney or firm to acquire an efficient, process-driven, and proven law firm with unlimited growth potential and easy transition. The firm is priced to sell at incredible value with immense growth opportunity.

The firm leverages technology to create a virtual platform from which all non-trial operations can be performed for maximized efficiency and flexibility. Cloud-based servers, virtual phone systems, FL e-filing system, etc. provide the ability to perform non-trial work remotely. Well-documented processes and staff drive firm efficiently for increased cash flow margins.

Due to the virtual platform and processes the firm operates with minimal overhead which generates an excellent profit margin and cash flows to owner.


  • Web Domain Branded
    This firm and its reputation have been built around an incredible brand separate and distinct from the individual attorney, allowing for enhanced firm brand recognition, SEO, and ultimately a smooth transition of ownership since prospects, clients and the community are tied to the firm brand as compared to the attorney(s).

  • Expansion Opportunities
    The firm has been set up to provide healthy work life balance for ownership and has immediate significant opportunity for growth, if desired. This incredible brand also provides the opportunity to expand into other trial practice areas or to take the brand to new markets as a potential growth strategy.

  • Incredible Marketplace
    Amazing opportunity to enter an incredible marketplace with the average client having a net worth over $1,000,000. The seller is offering transitional services to hand off client and network relationships.

  • Staff & Process Driven
    The firm has a support staff that handles and drives day to day operations and legal work on its defines process-driven platforms.

  • Strong Cash Flows
    The firm operates with minimal overhead and efficient processes which creates an excellent profit margin which typically is around 50% of sales.

  • Transitional Assistance
    Owner is offering transitional assistance for training, assistance and overall transfer of goodwill.

The brand, processes, and virtual nature of the firm increase ease of transfer to another attorney or absorption of operations into another firm. Call today for this can’t miss opportunity. Florida Broker: Rebecca Robinson.

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