Trademarked Brand Family Law Firm in South Florida.

Posted 5 months ago

Trademarked Brand Family Law firm focusing exclusively on Family Law. With its renowned brand, impeccable reputation, well-developed operational and pricing platforms, this firm has a stronghold for its desired target market. This successful and proven firm is ready for continued success and has immense built-in growth opportunity through its strategic trademark for new ownership to capitalize on.

This is the perfect opportunity for an attorney or law firm looking for proven revenues and a tremendous market brand to continue to profit from for years to come.

    This incredible brand is trademarked which allows the brand to be licensed out for instant cash flows and growth without increasing costs. This trademark provides new ownership the opportunity for immense scalability and growth with an immediate significant increase in revenues, if desired. This incredible brand also provides the opportunity to expand into other practice areas or to take the brand to new markets as a potential growth strategy.

    This firm and its reputation have been built around an incredible brand separate and distinct from the individual attorney, allowing for enhanced firm brand recognition, SEO, and ultimately a smooth transition of ownership since prospects, clients and the community are tied to the firm brand as compared to the owning attorney.

    With 4 stars on Google and 5 stars on Avvo there is a tremendous amount of good will and brand value associated with the firm in its marketplace.

    Proven marketing and impeccable reputation generate consistent revenues above $600,000 while efficient firm structure and processes create strong profit margins and annual cash flows to the owner greater than $150,000.

    The firm has been strategically positioned in its marketplace for access and convenience to its target market while also convenient to courts.

    The firm has been structured on a strategic business model rather than a traditional law firm model. Operations, legal workflows, and marketing have been developed to create a truly unique and fortified business whose product offered to consumers is its legal services.

    The firm is marketing-focused with a built, tested, and continually producing strategic marketing platform, including a prominent online presence that generates a significant amount of client leads. The firm’s well-planned, well-executed online marketing strategy provides a steady stream of new client generation and revenues.

Incredible brand recognition and efficient workflows drive new leads and work processes. As well, the trademark, strong branding, and reproducible business model provides pathways for immense growth opportunities.

If you are a family law attorney or firm looking for an incredible growth opportunity in Florida look no further! Florida Broker: Rebecca Robinson.

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