Successful Workers Compensation, Social Security Disability & Personal Injury, Law Firm in Mountains of NC


Law Firm Details

Successful Workers Compensation, Social Security Disability, and Personal Injury law firm with consistent cash flows above $950,000 in the mountains of North Carolina. With a strong marketing presence and nearly 40 years in the marketplace, the firm has a stronghold in its market and is primed for continued success and growth under a developed transition plan to new ownership.

Marketing: This firm has been developed to create a strong marketing presence which helps to drive additional brand awareness and new leads. These marketing efforts will transition well to new ownership.

Strategic location: The firm is positioned in a high-traffic area convenient to the marketplace it serves.

Case Inventory: Significant and valuable client case inventory is a constant asset of the firm and will be transferred as part of the sale.

Experienced Staff: The firm has a great team in place that drives workflows and client experience. The team is expected to transition as part of the sale.

The owner is seeking a retirement exit strategy and is open to transition and handing off the firm to maximize value and future success. If you are a law attorney or firm looking for that growth opportunity in the mountains of North Carolina this is the perfect opportunity.

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