Profitable Estate Law Firm in Affluent NJ Community.


Law Firm Details

Profitable New Jersey law firm focusing on Estate Law in an affluent community. The firm is staple in its community with steadily growing demand and revenues. Their scope of work includes Estate Planning, Trusts, Estate Administration, Probate, as well as Tax and Medicaid.

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  • Estate Planning
  • Estate Administration
  • Estate Litigation
  • Medicaid
  • Tax


This firm has cultivated an extensive client base, referral network, and trusted relationships with key community members including financial consultants and lawyer networks which drive new lead generation and new business.

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      The firm continues to grow organically with increasing demand, revenues and cash flows to owner year over year. This is the perfect opportunity for an attorney or law firm looking for proven revenues and a long-established reputation to continue to profit for years to come.


      The firm has a steady base of many repeat clients for estate-related matters that provide consistent and growing year-to-year practice revenues and additional referrals. Demand continues to grow and the firm is primed for continued success and growth under a developed transition plan to new ownership.


      The firm chose its strategic office location for high visibility in its affluent community making the firm convenient and highly accessible to its high-income target market.


      The firm boasts a tenured and knowledgeable staff. This incredible staff help to drive the client process and business operations. The well-trained staff assist in driving key firm day-to-day operations and are an invaluable asset for transitioning the firm and preserving value into the future.


      Ownership is focused on finding the right successor to carry forward the firm culture, reputation, and high-quality legal services.



This is the perfect opportunity for an attorney or law firm looking for proven revenues and a tremendous marketplace from which to profit for years to come. If you are an estate planning law attorney or firm looking for that growth opportunity in New Jersey look no further!