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This acquisition represents an incredible opportunity to procure a well-established, highly profitable, transactional franchise law practice with a focus on franchisee representation, which has been incredibly honed and specialized. The firm is entirely virtual, providing increased flexibility and opportunity for client acquisition and attorney retention and satisfaction. A highly trained team  of attorneys has worked hard to make the firm one of the nation’s premier leaders in its field, while still accomplishing a healthy work-life balance for the attorneys and their families. The firm represents one of only a handful of firms in the country that focuses exclusively on this very narrow area of federal law, with very limited competition in the industry making it well poised to continue to expand year after year.

The owner is extremely involved and decorated in a wide variety of endeavors and organizations in this area of expertise, giving the firm a unrivaled reputation. Its visibility  is further increased by the efforts of the marketing systems that it already has  in place. The firm is an excellent position for a new, passionate owner to come in and join in its inevitable growth.


Amongst the firm’s many assets:

Immediate national reach: owing to the firm’s specialized work with a niche area of federal law, the firm has the unique capacity and experience to work nationwide.

Established virtual practice business model: a 100% virtual infrastructure which predates the pandemic, so there was no disruption to the practice due to Covid. Established structure with extremely low overhead which contributes to consistent revenues. A strong communication system amongst Associates fosters mutual assistance and advice.

Experienced attorneys: a team of highly experienced attorneys, licensed in multiple jurisdictions, with several decades of combined experiences in a wide variety of practice areas.  These attorneys provide in-depth services and are ready and willing to participate in ownership transition.

Growth potential: Projections show continuation on highly profitable track. Several opportunities for expansion available to the right, enthusiastic buyer. Projected 10% future growth rate.


For the attorney or firm looking to expand their transactional practice with a highly specialized national franchise practice, this firm represents the ideal opportunity. The established team of well recognized full-time attorneys will enable the firm to continue its reputation as one of the leading firms in this niche practice area. Its virtual nature makes it an ideal acquisition in flexibility and reach.

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