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Highly profitable law firm built on a business model that is associate attorney and staff process driven. Diversified practice areas including Personal Injury, Family, Business, Estate, Bankruptcy, and Criminal law ensure consistent revenue and owner cash flows. Legal work is typically delegated to highly trained associates and staff members who drive day to day operations. With its incredible reputation, well-developed operations, and strategic location the firm generates roughly $1,500,000 in revenues annually and is ready for continued success and growth under a developed transition plan to new ownership.

  • Experienced Associates and Paralegals: Firm has a great team in place that allows current ownership to focus more on firm management. Team is expected to transition as part of sale.
  • Business Model: This firm has been developed to create a truly unique and strong business whose product offered to consumers is its legal services.  Proprietary workflows and automations along with well-defined roles and corresponding employee training programs ensure high quality delivery of services.
  • Strategic location: The firm is positioned in a high-net area that also ensures to maximize search engine rankings.
  • Case Inventory: Significant and valuable client case inventory is a constant asset of the firm and will be transferred as part of sale.  Currently the firm has over 400 open cases.
  • Growth Opportunity: The firm is turnkey with immense growth opportunity through increased automation and marketing.

This is the perfect opportunity for an attorney or law firm looking for proven revenues and a tremendous market brand to continue to profit from for years to come.

If you are a law attorney or firm looking for that growth opportunity in Texas look no further!