Incredible Multi-State Law firm with Virtual Platforms and Headquarters in DC.

Posted 9 months ago

Branded, marketing-first business model which runs small on costs and big on results and margins. This firm has been built on a model that resembles a business model more closely than a traditional law firm. The current owner acts as a CEO, rather than attorney, giving guidance to overarching business and marketing strategy and has achieved all of this while earning consistent cash flows.

The firm is extensively branded through various domains and marketing platforms. The firm’s marketing platforms and tremendous low-cost/high return model have been built for scalability. The firm has been developed intentionally as a general practice firm which focuses on marketing, client intake and services platform, and utilizes “Affiliates”, which are other solo lawyer firms, as the backend legal provider. This model reduces concern for associate departure or dependence and also allows costs to remain low while providing enhanced ability to scale and grow the firm beyond current level.

    • Proprietary Law Firm Model:
      The firm is intended to be a collection of strong attorneys and firms without the need to be an associate, a partner, or the costs or headaches that comes with managing that ever-challenging traditional firm model. The firm defines itself as a collection of smaller law firms, each with its own areas of practice, which use the firm business platform to share certain administrative affairs. The firm can then offer clients A-rated lawyers, as well as years of experience, acumen, and expertise in the widest possible variety of legal matters without the huge ongoing payroll and administrative costs. Instead, it is a variable model which can scale up or down, but still provide consistent earnings to ownership.


    • Branding and Marketing:
      This firm and its reputation have been built around an incredible brand separate and distinct from the individual attorney. Utilizing the firm brand, associated website domains and similar client sales focused techniques has allowed not only for enhanced firm brand recognition, 2-3 new leads per day, and a steady stream of new clients, but ultimately a smooth transition of ownership since prospects, clients and the community are tied to the firm brand as compared to the individual attorney(s).


    • Name Recognition:
      There is a tremendous amount of good will and brand value associated with the firm through its various website domains, Avvo, and similar listings, and past clients and other referral networks.


    • Consistent Revenues & Owner’s Cash Flows:
      Proven sales techniques and lead generation keep the firm’s revenues consistently around $250k-$300k a year with owner’s cash flows between $135-145k a year. This impressive almost 50% net margin highlights the low cost, high return model that has been built which can be scaled, as desired.


    • Extensive Client Database:
      The firm has a steady base of new and repeat clients for matters that also serve to promote the consistent year-to-year practice revenues as well as additional referrals. This is the perfect opportunity for an attorney or law firm looking for proven revenues and a long-established reputation to continue to profit for years to come.


    • Sales & CEO Ownership Role:
      The firm has been structured on a corporate model rather than a traditional law firm model. Ownership’s current time is spent mostly on marketing, client intake sales, and more CEO-related duties instead of billable hours. Firm administration helps with day-to-day needs of running the firm and the attorneys who are Affiliates handle most all of the client billable work.


    • Marketing First Business Platform:
      The firm is marketing-focused with a built, tested, and continually producing strategic marketing platform, including a prominent online presence that generates a significant amount of client leads.


    • A Process Driven Business Model:
      Proprietary intakes, checklists, and workflows that both help drive the overall client matter process with Affiliates and provide the framework for consistent production of high-quality legal services. The defined processes and well-trained staff assist in driving key firm day-to-day operations.


    • Immense Opportunity to Grow:
      The Firm is the model, but for the next generation owner this business has immediate and significant opportunity for growth, if desired. The proven marketing platform and unique “outside attorney” business model can be acquired and used to grow in other markets or in the DC metro area by continuing the steps that have been proven successful.


  • Transition :
    Ownership is focused on finding the right successor to carry forward the firm culture, reputation, and high-quality legal services. Assuming a good fit, ownership is open to transitioning post-transaction to help preserve value as needed.


The firm is ready for continued success and growth under a developed transition plan to new ownership. This is the perfect opportunity for an attorney or law firm looking for proven revenues and a tremendous market brand to continue to profit from for years to come.

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