Amanda Myers

Sales & Client Manager

Amanda Myers has been assisting lawyers and law firms with buying, selling and valuations since 2016. She has helped numerous lawyers find their right buyer or successor for their firm over the years. Whether a buyer, a seller, a firm seeking a succession plan or a valuation, Amanda is the key driver of The Law Practice Exchange’s process to provide clients the knowledge and the professional service required to get them to the desired result.

Amanda has deep experience and knowledge in sales, account management and customer service that drives the client experience at The Law Practice Exchange. Lawyers have questions and Amanda can help them find the answers and provide guidance from years of successful client relationships and transactions. There is a process and steps to take in order to reach the desired goal and Amanda’s experience, knowledge and the LPE process can help a lawyer get there.

Her overall goal is to help lawyers and law firms facilitate strategic sales and acquisitions while maintaining a deep commitment to ensuring a successful outcome for all involved. For the attorney looking to exit their practice or a lawyer or law firm looking for growth through acquisition, it is Amanda’s mission to not only provide an introduction, but also keep them informed and lead them down The Law Practice Exchange’s proven steps to completing a successful transaction for all involved.

Amanda is a continuous contributor and builder to The Law Practice Exchange’s database of deals, financial metrics, sales comparisons to help not only provide real-time knowledge for advising clients on how to get a deal or structure done successfully, but also using that information to educate other lawyers in the marketplace in publishing LPE’s Law Firm Buying & Selling Annual Trends Report.

Amanda Myers